Court skills training

Build your staff’s skills and confidence to have better experiences and outcomes in court procedings.

Policy, procedure and audits

Protect your organisation, your staff and your customers from the risks that can arise from seemingly simple and well-intentioned interactions.

Advice and support

Tailored support and advice from senior legal and sector experts.

GDPR, Data Protection & Privacy Support

Are you GDPR ready? Is your marketing compliant with the current regulations?

Court skills for social workers

Build your staff’s confidence in the Court Room. This hands-on course provides professionals, including social workers, with confidence and knowledge to achieve better outcomes in court.

Policy, procedure and audits

Is your organisation and its staff fully aware and protected against the risks that can arise from seemingly simple and well-intentioned interactions with people and communities?

Advice and support

Support from senior lawyers and other sector professionals to help with any problems you have with local or central government.

GDPR, Data Protection and Privacy Support

New data privacy regulations (General Data Protection Regulations) come into force in May 2018. Are you GDPR ready?

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Antonia has shown real leadership on some of the most difficult issues that we have had to deal with as a council. Her efforts haven’t only made a huge difference now – they will continue to make a huge difference into the future for people from across Gloucestershire. Cllr Mark Hawthorne MBE

Leader, Gloucester County Council

Antonia stands out as one of the best specialists we have worked with, both in terms of the quality of her work and the relationship our team have forged with her.


Dr Richard Anderson

Lead Learning & Development Analyst, High Speed Training Ltd

We have experts in...

  • People & empowerment - including for those who are vulnerable and isolated for whatever reason
  • Safeguarding individuals and organisations
  • Training in Safeguarding
  • Audit, policy and procedure
  • Organisational improvement
  • Mentoring individuals and organisations to reach their goals
  • Training & learning
  • Communications, media handling and social media
  • Organisational support and change - public sector and voluntary sector
  • Complex report writing
  • Mental capacity
  • Social care: Adults' and Children’s Services, family & children’s law, social care practice and procedure
  • Data Protection and General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

Carter Noble

Sector experts who deliver legal support, advice and training